The Buyer's Love Letter

We’re all human — hot take of the year! Seriously, we’re all human and whether we like to admit it or not our emotions guide the choices we make. And one of the biggest choices our SELLERS make is to whom will they sell their home.

Don’t get me wrong an educated seller (educated by a good realtor we hope) is basing the majority of their decision on which offer is the strongest: highest price, fewest contingencies, etc. But, you’d be surprised how many times our sellers ask us which buyers want their home the most. Think about it from the seller’s perspective — they’ve spent years in this home. Those living room walls have heard countless dad-jokes and teenage tantrums. That kitchen is where the sellers tried (unsuccessfully) to crate train their puppy before giving up and letting Teddy the Goldendoodle full access to the master bed!

The point is, when I’m working with buyers I want them to empathize with the sellers and form a connection with them, a bond. And a short, carefully worded Buyer Letter is the perfect vehicle. As an agent I’ve already gathered as much intel on the sellers as possible (Where do/did they work? What did they love about their house?). My buyers and I will take that intel and try to find common ground. And man-oh-man, this has worked so many times! There’s a subtlety to these letters for sure. It’s gotta be genuine but also not too mushy. Like so many things in real estate, it’s an art not a science. But the payoff can be huge.

Hope that helps! And, as always, you can reach me at 650-400-2101 or 7 days/week. Chat soon. -Perry Silver