San Carlos

There’s something about San Carlos

Seriously, it’s like a team of Disney Imagineers created San Carlos (aka, “The City of Good Living”) to be the perfect place to live. With incredible weather, top-tier public schools and a farmer’s market that brings the city together every Sunday, San Carlos checks all the boxes.

The only issue? I’m not the only one who knows!!! San Carlos, with a population around 30,000 has a severely limited amount of inventory. Add in a thriving Bay Area economy and you get an extremely competitive real estate market. I’m proud to be an agent at the Bob Bredel Group. The BBG (or the Notorious BBG, if you’re so inclined) have been San Carlos’ #1 real estate group since 2010. This type of production gives me first crack at on-market and off-market San Carlos homes -- a serious competitive edge!